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An egg-box gives us an example of a matrix which is useless as a matrix; and therefore a perfect description of what being practical with a scripting language is about. Some might therefore understand why we find ourselves in a straight-jacket when we're being told to call an html div a row, though the code must yet do the work of grouping the cells.

Sitting in my cell, I imagine alligators and crocodiles and wonder which one is the bigger. Designers of app user interfaces need to cater for the case that no-one is in the asylum; but not those who like to talk to themselves. Those who like to talk to themselves revisit what they've done as a matter of necessity, strictly as a matter of necessity. Building an asylum is not a matter of necessity, but it makes the neighbours jealous. Documenting the building of it, once started, cannot exclude instructions as to how it aught to be filled.

A patient is preloaded before construction begins. This allows the place to remain a beautiful park that is only gone to by the impoverished and those who don't leave their cars, while sanity prevails. The keeper of the wards may continue to munch on its fast food while a cell is being filled. But when one reaches capacity we're required to make the kind of decision that is overly prescriptive if given to sane people: must the cell packer check for more patients, or must that be left to the higher authority?

We therefore look at the other case--which is what makes programming so damn easy. If we run out of patients with a cell not yet full there is no decision to be made: the unfortunate news must be conveyed by the cell referee that sanity has been restored.


Note: module source is 7/asylum,php.